Colorado groups targeted by IRS

AURORA - For 22 months, the Colorado Tea Party Patriot organization played a waiting game with the IRS. Now, they are waiting for an answer about who is responsible for the targeting of their group and delaying their request for tax exempt status.

They are one of several conservative organizations in Colorado that filed for 501C4 tax status with the IRS. Each received letters from the IRS requesting additional information that is not typically required.

"We're definitely caught up in it. Whether we were asked 55 questions or 3, just the fact that it was not handled in a timely matter harmed us," said Regina Thomson, president of the Colorado Tea Party Patriots.

That organization filed their request for tax exempt status with the IRS in November 2012. They did receive notification from the IRS that the application had been received. Then communications went quiet.

"In the meantime, there were some folks that tried to make phone calls and called the IRS and they said, 'yeah we've got it. It is in the queue, hang tight.' So that's what happened until 22 months later when they finally got around to asking for more information," Thomson said.

The Citizen Awareness Project filed their paperwork seeking 501C4 status with the IRS in October 2012. This past March they received a letter from the IRS requesting 19 additional pieces of information.

Former acting IRS commissioner Steven Miller says their investigation has pinpointed two "rogue" IRS agents in their Cincinnati office at the center of the targeting of conservative groups. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew requested Miller's resignation in the aftermath of the investigation. Miller complied with the request and submitted his resignation.

"I can assure you and the American people that we will take a dispassionate view of this. This will not be about parties; this will not be about ideological persuasion. Anybody who has broken the law will be held accountable," said Holder during a hearing before the U.S. House of Representatives.


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