Political families to unite in Owens-Beauprez wedding

DENVER - It's a match made in heaven, not only for the happy couple but also for the Republican Party.

At the end of February, Monica Owens and John Beauprez will get married.

Monica is the only daughter of former Colorado Governor Bill Owens and Former First Lady Frances Owens.

John is the youngest son of former Colorado Congressman Bob Beauprez and his wife Claudia.

The two families have known each other for decades and have spent a lot of time together on campaigns and at Republican Party events.

However, Monica and John never crossed paths.

"I knew of their other son but I didn't know they had the baby," Monica Owens said. "I guess he came to my college graduation party with his parents at the Governor's Mansion and talked to me there... I just don't remember."

I recently met up with Monica and John along with both sets of parents on a rare day when they weren't tied up with business meetings and charity events.

It was there I learned that the Beauprez' had been working as matchmakers for decades.

"If you had an event and had a son about the same age, you'd quite naturally say 'well, Monica's going to be there.. we saw Monica tonight,'" Bob Beauprez said. "John was always like 'whatever.' Finally, the night came."

It was the University of Colorado Cancer Center Gala in January of 2013 when the two formally met. There's been no turning back.

"I was trying to be in her viewpoint," John Beauprez said. "When I saw her across the room, I was like 'maybe she'll notice me, maybe she'll come talk to me.'"

Leave it to his mother to make it all happen.

"When we sat down, Claudia had strategically placed us at the seats next to each other at the table," Monica Owens said recently when I met up with the two families.

"I was like 'I'm talking really good.. this is going really good," John Beauprez said. "I was like 'I think she likes me... maybe I'm crazy.'"

He wasn't imagining the connection. The next day, Monica sent John a friend request on Facebook and the courtship began.

Did people tease the couple considering the political power play in the making?

"I don't think its a secret that Monica's an amazing catch so it's not like 'hey man are you just marrying her because it's Monica Owens,'" John Beauprez said. "It's not like that. Anybody would be lucky to be with Monica. I don't think there was any of that."

"That was a good answer," Monica said.

Everyone who knows the married couple-to-be says they're a perfect fit.

"They really compliment one another," Frances Owens said. "Monica can be very serious and she's always the planner. John is funny and really keeps things in perspective."

A large Catholic wedding is planned for Colorado Springs and already, Colorado's former Governor, the father-of-the-bride is getting a little nervous.

"It's going to be wonderful," Governor Owens said. "It's going to be joyous. It's also going to be a challenge. I'll probably tear up a bit. Every dad has a special place in his heart for his daughter."

And then, Governor Owens joked a bit to get away from the sentimental talk.

"The challenge for me is I don't have a speech writer anymore," Governor Owens said. "I'll have do it myself."

This wedding is bringing much joy to the Beauprez family which faced a big letdown in November when Bob Beauprez lost a close governor's race to incumbent Governor John Hickenlooper.

Does this power couple have any plans for politics in the future?

John quickly says no. He has had a very successful career as a professional poker player and also runs the business operations at the family bison ranch in North Park, Jackson County.

Monica says she prefers to say behind-the-scenes in political circles. She currently has her own consulting company. One of her big clients is the Colorado State Senate Republicans.

For now though, Monica and John and their parents are busy with last minute wedding details all while enjoying the moment and laughing a lot.

"As a parent, your biggest hope is that they're happy," Bob Beauprez said. "Right now, these two are so happy and they make people around them happy."

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