Tim Kaine, George Allen go at it in debate

Starting with a question about Mitt Romney's secretly taped remarks about 47% of the population being dependent on the governor, Allen avoided answering until moderator David Gregory pressed the issue asking if he parts with Romney on the subject.

"I have my own point of view," said Allen.

Kaine called for a thaw in the frigid partisan atmosphere that has largely paralyzed a divided Congress. Allen steered his answer to every question back to the issue of the troubled economy and jobs.

Even questions about women's rights and gay marriage found Allen answering with allusions to unemployment rates topping 8 percent for nearly four years and a regulatory and tax environment.

On sequestration, Kaine's answer is to let the Bush-Era tax cuts expire for incomes over $500,000, which would raise $500 billion in revenue.

Allen opposes any tax increases and says he would find savings by repealing the Affordable Care Act and finding waste in Medicare.

Allen was asked how his infamous macaca moment has changed him. He said he was humbled and apologized yet again to the young man he name-called at a campaign stop six years ago.

Kaine kept going back to Allen's bare-knuckled partisanship, citing his 1994 exhortation to fellow Republicans to knock Democrats' soft teeth down their whiny throats.

Written by Peggy Fox


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