DU Big Brain Club: mind over matter

KUSA - It would help to have these brains in your science class.

Members of the University of Denver's Big Brain Club combined mind over matter in a series of science experiences at the Pepsi Center Saturday.

The event, sponsored by the Colorado Avalanche, was part of "Get Your Nerd On Day."

Using liquid nitrogen as the main component, they showed eager onlookers how cold nitrogen contracts the air in a balloon, making it smaller.

In another experiment, they placed a metal ball in a liquid nitrogen container. They then took the metal ball out and showed kids how it got smaller.

It's all fun and passion for this group of brainiacs.

"We are here to show the awesomeness of physics," Big Brain Club member Matt Watwood told 9NEWS. "[And] showing off how cool science can be and all the sort of fun experiments you can show...cool things that you don't really see all the time."

Tony Kreusch, head ice technician for the Avalanche, was also in attendance and discussed the process of creating and treating the ice on the Pepsi Center floor.

The Avalanche discounted tickets for Saturday's night's game against the St. Louis Blues. Some of the proceeds from ticket sales will support the Big Brain Club.


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