Small dog dies after attack at Wheat Ridge Park

KUSA - Wheat Ridge police say a small dog who escaped from its owner at Founder's Park was attacked and killed by an unknown animal.

The attack happened early Friday morning.

Investigators say the woman was walking her Dachshund, when it pulled away from her, escaped from his collar, and ran toward some bushes.

The dog's owner saw some movement by the bushes and then heard a loud yelp. By the time she got to the area, her Dachshund was injured and unable to get up.

Police say the owner took the dog back to her apartment building and then drove it to a veterinarian clinic. The vet determined the dog could not be saved and he was euthanized. The vet believes the injuries were most likely caused by a fox or coyote.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife coyotes are attracted to neighborhoods by the availability of garbage, pet food and pets. All pet food, trash, fallen fruit, birdseed, etc. should be removed to discourage coyotes from visiting your property.

Experts say bringing a whistle and pepper spray along will help fight off any potential wild life animals that may approach. Not allowing animals to roam around outside is also recommended.

All aggressive encounters with coyotes should be reported to local authorities.


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