Storytellers: 12-year-old 'Poultry Whisperer' makes impression

9NEWS @ 10. 9/11/2016

BAILEY - A Bailey preteen is using his love of animals to create a budding business in his backyard.

Rawley Godsey is not your typical 12-year-old. 

"I raise chickens and turkeys and geese and everything," he said.

While lots of kids do that, he has a special way with his birds. A turkey named "Peanut" allows him to pick her up and pet her like a cat.

He also spends time teaching a gosling how to swim.

"They don't get much cuter than this," Godsey said while looking at the young, fluffy goose.

He's also convinced a turkey to adopt baby chickens.

"She's a great mama," he said.

Godsey is a true poultry whisperer.

"That seems pretty accurate," he said in response to his new title.

Some boys love their dogs, but he loves his birds like his own flesh and blood.

"They're my extended family," Godsey said.

But they're not just his buddies; they're his business.

"I think of it as, it's like money grows on trees. These are the money trees that I have to keep alive," he said looking at a flock of birds.

A year ago, he rescued 76 caged hens slated for the dinner table. His birds didn't look the best, but to a poultry whisperer it's what inside that counts.

He collects eggs every morning, cleans them and checks for any imperfections. Only the best can be called Pan's Prize, the company he started.

After packaging dozens of eggs in crates, it's off to market -- with his mom's help of course.

The Preservery in the River North neighborhood of Denver highlights Rawley's eggs by the dozen.

"We've got a super strong loyal following in the marketplace. There's people who come for their eggs on a weekly basis," Whitney Ariss said, owner of The Preservery.

The restaurant features the preteen's eggs in a special dish on the menu. He's already making an impact on the local culinary scene, but you won't see Godsey behind the counter much; the farm is his true calling.
"Pretty much all my life I've been with birds," he said.

He hopes to keep it that way, just with a bigger flock.

"How can you not love this? How could you not love all this?" he said looking around at the farm.

Godsey is saving his egg money to build a bigger barn for his chickens and to pay for college tuition when he's old enough.

Want to try some Pan's Prize eggs?

Contact Rawley Godsey on Facebook:

Buy the eggs at The Preservery:

Buy the eggs at Marczyk Fine Foods:

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