April '9Teachers Who Care' Winner is all about books

It is full of fun and interesting stuff, along with tons of books of course. There are the plants, posters, couches, tables and chairs, the colorful lighting and all the computers. Oh, and the rubber and plastic critters placed all around the room. Mr. Hernandez says it's all aimed at making the library a living place where both students and their parents can feel comfortable.

"I believe that I am competing against computers, the internet. movies, television, all that for the children's attention. I want to capture them at an early age, and make them see that stories are things to be enjoyed and to be lived, through the words of someone else."

It's also why he holds a monthly book reading called "breakfast and books." He actually acts out the children's books, givingvoice to the characters.

"Much like an actor would I rehearse the stories in advance", Mr. Hernandez says.The kids love it. After he finishes they get to check out books and they usually can't get enough.

Timothy Hernandez gets donations and applies for grants to keep his librarygoing and to keep it fresh. He cares so much about the students and wants so badly for them to enjoy reading. It's not you father's library - or librarian.


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