Buddy Check 9: Tammy Kruse

Our Buddy Check 9 reminder is dedicated to the life of Tammy Kruse, featured this month in our calendar. It is with a heavy heart we pass along the news of her death on November 18.

Tammy's husband, John, shared a message with us, and encouraged us to share it with you. Please read this story and keep it going.

First and foremost, thank you very much for doing this. We (Tammy included) greatly appreciate all that you and Kim (9News, Safeway, prevention and treatment advocates, researchers, etc) have done and continue to do on a daily basis. This calendar, I am sure has saved and will continue to save, a lot of lives along with keeping up the hope and fight for cancer survivors. The stories, information and the intent of this calendar is priceless.

In May of 2010, Tammy had detected a small lump in her breast. I didn't find out about it until late June. She waited until early July to go in and get it checked after it had continued to grow. Later that month, she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. I will go to my grave thinking what if we/she would have got it checked when she detected it. Would it have been detected earlier? Would our chances have been better fighting it? More importantly, would she still be here? So my ultimate recommendation would be, for both men and women, if you detect something suspicious, get in and get it checked, immediately! Do not wait!

When I say we/she, we were a team. I rarely missed any of her appointments during that time. When she passed away, a big part of me died that day too. I must go on for my five year old daughter, Teylor, who is now a Kindergartener. She is now, my one and only true love.

Tammy battled stage four breast cancer for three years and four months prior to her passing on November 18, 2013. She fought like no one I had ever seen before. There were only a handful of times that she ever complained. We are very thankful for the time we had with her after being diagnosed. It was all because of the great support she had. Her support included: our daughter Teylor, her family, Dr. Virginia Borges at University of Colorado Hospital (UCH), all of the other staff at UCH, Weld School District Six's amazing teachers and administration and friends.

Tammy was an amazing teacher of 16 years, friend, mom of five years, wife of six years and my best friend for 10 years. There is not and will not be a day that goes by that I will not think about her and cherish "every" moment I had with her. Obviously our plan was to grow old together, but that didn't work out as we had planned. She would have been 40 on 2/13/2014.

When we got the news on October 29 that the doctors had ran out of options and was given three months or less to live, we started to plan a family trip to the Bahamas as she loved the ocean. As more time went on, we could see that she was not going to be strong enough to to. In fact, she only lived another three weeks after being told the news, prior to passing. On her last day with us, which I didn't know it would be the last, she was very unresponsive until I played the sounds of the ocean in our bedroom, washed her feet in a bowl of water and fed her some strawberry margaritas. I had opened up the blinds as the sun went down and told her to look out at the sun as it went down over the ocean. About an hour after the sun went down, she passed. Little did I know that would be the last day on our private beach/ocean.

Our prayers go out to John, Teylor and all of Tammy's friends and family. We know her life will continue to bless others and save lives too.


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