2014 9NEWS Awards

August 2014

Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) and National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) - Personal Finance Reporting Award

National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) - 2014 Salute to Excellence

  • Television: International - "From Haiti to Home," Matt Renoux
  • Television: Photojournalism - Reaching New Heights," Byron Reed

Colorado Association of Black Journalists (CABJ) - Scribes in Excellence Awards

  • Broadcast: Overall Excellence - 9NEWS Staff
  • Broadcast: Single News Story - "From Sudan, with Love," Maya Rodriguez
  • Broadcast: Series - "Black History Month," TaRhonda Thomas and Meagan Fitzgerald
  • Broadcast: Specialty - "Tennyson Teacher," Gary Shapiro and Eric Kehe
  • Broadcast: Art/ Design - "Damp Beauty," Michael Driver
  • Broadcast: Photography - "Reaching New Heights," Byron Reed
  • Broadcast: Online Project News - "Black History Month Webpage," 9NEWS Staff

July 2014

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) - 28th Annual Heartland Emmy Awards

  • Station Excellence - "9NEWS: Everywhere," Mark Cornetta, President & General Manager
  • News Excellence - "9NEWS - Colorado's News Leader," Patti Dennis, VP/News Director
  • Daytime Newscast (Larger Markets) - "4 O'Clock on 9News Colorado Floods," Jennifer Marnowski, Producer; Bob Pusatory, Director; Linda Kotsaftis, Executive Producer; Cody Crouch, Helicopter Photojournalist; Matthew Fess, Pilot
  • Weekend Newscast (Larger Markets) - "A Community Stands Together," Liz Lambert, Producer; Adam McPherson, Director
  • General Assignment Report (Within 24 Hours) - "Surreal," Chris Vanderveen, Reporter; Chris Hansen, Photojournalist
  • General Assignment Report (No Time Limit) - "Catching Bike Thieves," Jeremy Jojola, Reporter; Anna Hewson, Photographer
  • Spot News - "Shooting at 4-20 Celebration," Ben Mulkey, Photojournalist; Todd Walker, Producer
  • Feature News Report (Light Feature) - "New Freedom Park," Chris Vanderveen, Reporter; Corky Scholl, Field Producer
  • Business/Consumer (News Single Story) - "Free Ticket Gimmick," Jeremy Jojola, Reporter; Anna Hewson, Photographer
  • Human Interest (News Single Story) - "Lorraine Melgosa," Chris Vanderveen, Reporter; Chris Hansen, Photojournalist
  • Specialty Assignment Report (News Single Story) - "Public Art," Chris Vanderveen, Reporter; Corky Scholl, Producer
  • Sports (News Feature) - "Trey's Battle with Cancer," Brian Olson, Producer
  • Environment (Program/Feature) - "Colorado's Floods: The Road Ahead," Kyle Clark, Producer; Geoff Sawtell, Editor; Andy Buck, Photojournalist; TimRyan, Asst. News Director; Chris Vanderveen, Reporter
  • Human Interest (Program/Series/Special) - "From Haiti To Home," Cheryl Preheim, Producer; John Kuhrt, Producer
  • Documentary (Topical) - "After Aurora," Chris Vanderveen, Writer; Chris Hansen, Producer; John Kuhrt, Producer; Jason Hirsch, Assistant Editor; Jennifer Leinweber, Production Assistant
  • Special Event Coverage (Other than News or Sports) - "Parade Of Lights," Lawrence Gibbs, Director; Sandra Hernandez, Technical Director; Bob Pusatory, Producer; Roger Meeks, Jib Operator
  • News Promo (Single Spot/Same Day) - "Attention Parents," Amanda Kesting, Producer
  • News Promo (Image) - "9NEWS and Telemundo," Andy Schaeffer, Photographer/Editor; Robert D. Springer, Writer; Sebastian Tonazzi, Producer
  • Program Promo (Campaign) - "Respect the Orange," Drew Sidener, Writer/Producer/Editor; Andy Schaeffer, Writer/Producer/Editor/Photographer; Robert D. Springer, Executive Producer; Jennifer Woodruff, Co-Producer
  • Journalistic Enterprise - "Lila's Daddy - Vanderveen Journalistic Enterprise," Chris Vanderveen, Producer
  • Interactivity - "Glendale Fire: Join us in my living room!" Kevin Torres, Producer; Nickolas McGurk, Producer
  • Editor - News (Within 24 Hours (TIE)) - "Driver On The Street," Michael Driver, Editor; "Roll on REM11: Hansen Editing Composite," Chris Hansen, Editor
  • Editor - News (No Time Limit) - "On These Days, I'm a Slow Editor," Chris Hansen, Editor
  • Talent (Commentator/Editorialist) - "A Colorado State of Mind," Chris Vanderveen, Commentator
  • Talent (Narrator) - "Mowenz (Mountains), Winner (Winter) and Other Words I Can't Pronounce," Kevin Torres, Narrator
  • Photographer (Sports (TIE)) - "Brian Olson Sports Photography Composite," Brian Olson, Photographer; "Summer Grind episode 2," Zach Boyd, Photographer
  • Photographer (Video Essay) - "Lakeside," Corky Scholl, Photojournalist
  • Writer (Program) - "After Aurora," Chris Vanderveen, Writer
  • Writer (News) - "Writing My Way Out of Having To Do Useless Live Shots," Kevin Torres, Writer

April 2014

Associated Press Radio & Television Association (APTRA) – 2013 Awards for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism

  • Best Anchor or Anchor Team – 1st place, "Drops Become Inches, Inches Become Feet" (Colorado Flooding), Kyle Clark, Mark Koebrich and Kim Christiansen
  • Bill Stout Award for Enterprise Coverage – 1st place, "After Aurora," Chris Vanderveen, Chris Hansen, John Kuhrt, Jason Hirsch and Jennifer Leinweber
  • Dick Terry Videographer of the Year – 1st place, Chris Hansen
  • Chris Harris Reporter of the Year – 1st place, Chris Vanderveen
  • TV Station of the Year – 2nd place, 9NEWS: Colorado's News Leader
  • Best Evening News Broadcast - 2nd place, "9NEWS at 10, September 16th 2013," Will Swope, Lawrence Gibbs, Jamiel Lynch, 9NEWS Staff

RTDNA – 2014 Edward R Murrow Awards (Regional)

Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) – 2013 Sigma Delta Chi Awards for Excellence in Journalism

  • Best Documentary (Large Market Station, Markets 1-50) – "After Aurora," Chris Vanderveen, Chris Hansen, John Kuhrt, Blair Shiff

National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) – 2014 Best of Photojournalism Video Photography and Video Editing contest

  • KUSA - Station of the Year (12th time winning this honor)
  • In-Depth – 1st place, "New Freedom," Corky Scholl
  • Spot News – 1st place, "Black Forest Fire," Ben Mulkey and Team
  • Sports Feature – 1st place, "A Good Run," Michael Driver
  • Reporter of the Year – Runner-Up, Chris Vanderveen
  • News Feature – 2nd place, "Lorraine," Chris Hansen and Chris Vanderveen
  • Deadline Photography – 2nd place, "Being Watched," Corky Scholl
  • 48 Hour Feature – 2nd place, "The Tank," Kevin Torres
  • Editing: Photo Essay (Photographers) – 2nd place, "Dear A.J…," Michael Driver and Team
  • Deadline Photography – 3rd place, "Big Thompson Rises," Nick McGurk
  • 48 Hour Feature – Honorable Mention, "From Hardships to Harmony," Michael Driver and Team
  • Deadline Photography – Honorable Mention, "They Didn't Get My Sunglasses!," Andy Buck
  • Editing: News Feature (Photographers) – Honorable Mention, "Before I Die," Michael Driver and Team
  • Photographer of the Year – Finalists, Chris Hansen and Corky Scholl
  • Reporter of the Year – Finalists, Kevin Torres and Nelson Garcia
  • Documentary – Finalist, "After Aurora," Chris Hansen

March 2014

National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation (NABEF) – 2014 Service to America Awards

  • Service to America Television Award – KUSA, Denver, CO

Colorado Broadcasters Association (CBA) – 2013 Awards of Excellence

  • Metro Market Station of the Year – 15th consecutive year
  • Best Weathercaster – 1st place, Kathy Sabine
  • Best Specialty Reporter – 1st place, Jeremy Jojola
  • Best Investigative Reporting – 1st place, "US Air," Jeremy Jojola, Anna Hewson, Nicole Vap
  • Best General Assignment Report, within 24 hours – 1st place, "Coal Creek Damage," Chris Vanderveen, Chris Hansen
  • Best Feature News Report – 1st place, "A Good Run," Aaron Matas, Michael Driver
  • Best Public Affairs Program – 1st place, "Colorado's Floods," Kyle Clark, Geoff Sawtell
  • Best Sports Coverage or Program – 1st place, "9NEWS Storytellers: Sports Features," Kevin Torres
  • Best Video Essay with No Narrative – 1st place, "I Miss You, Beryl," Michael Driver
  • Best Public Service Announcement – 1st place "Calm a Crying Baby," Robert Springer
  • Best Television Commercial for an Advertiser – 1st place, "Arvada Center," Tommy Collier
  • Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast – 2nd place, "9NEWS at 10," 9NEWS Staff
  • Best News Anchor or Team – 2nd place, Kyle Clark
  • Best Investigative Reporting – 2nd place, "Murder for Hire," Anastasiya Bolton, Andy Buck
  • Best Hard News, Spot News Report, within 24 hours – 2nd place, "420 Shooting," Ben Mulkey
  • Best Single Series Program or News Magazine – 2nd place, "9NEWS Storytellers: News Features," Kevin Torres
  • Best Feature News Report – 2nd place, "The Wrestler," TaRhonda Thomas, Chris Cheline
  • Best Video Essay with No Narrative – 2nd place, "Lakeside Amusement Park," Corky Scholl
  • Best Station Promotion/Marketing Campaign – 2nd place, "Respect the Orange," Robert Springer, Drew Sidener, Andy Schaeffer
  • Best Station Promo – 2nd place, "9NEWS/Telemundo," Andy Schaeffer, Robert Springer, Sebastian Tonazzi
  • Best Public Service Announcement – 2nd place "Newborns in Need," Tommy Collier
  • Best Sales Campaign for an Advertiser – 2nd place, "Spa Brokers," Robert Springer, Jennifer Woodruff


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