9NEWS remains the #1 choice for news in November

Denver, CO - In a tight ratings environment, 9NEWS remains the clear choice for news, building on more than three decades of ratings dominance in Colorado, according to final Nielsen November 2011 ratings information.

For more than 35 years and again this November, the success of 9NEWS at 10PM is all the more remarkable given today's dynamic media landscape. Despite continuing challenges in network prime programming, the 10PM news featuring Adele Arakawa, Mark Koebrich, Kathy Sabine and Drew Soicher actually grew 22% in rating and 32% in share from its 9-10PM network lead-in. In fact, while other late night newscasts dropped between 24% and 51% in rating from their respective lead-ins, ONLY the newscasts on 9NEWS and Channel 20 saw increases with the 9PM news on KTVD with Kim Christiansen and Kyle Clark growing 200% in rating and 130% in share.

10 PM (M-F P25-54)

KUSA 9NEWS - 3.9 rating/11.9 share
KCNC - 2.5/7.6
KMGH - 2.2/6.7
KDVR (9PM) - 1.7/4.5
KTVD (9PM + 9:30PM) - 0.9/2.3

9NEWS is the dominant news leader in the mornings as well. From 9NEWS Daybreak at 5AM through the Today Show on NBC, 9NEWS is Colorado's destination for news and entertainment in the morning.

9NEWS Daybreak at 5 and 5:30AM with Gary Shapiro and Kyle Dyer demonstrated both resurgence and dominance. 9NEWS 5AM saw a 114% increase in rating and 64% increase in share, while 9NEWS at 5:30AM showed increases of 60% in rating and 26% in share. The year-to-year gains are impressive as more Coloradans chose 9NEWS as the best way to start their day.

9NEWS 6AM grew its rating year-to-year by more than 14%, while increasing share 7% in the same period. 9NEWS 6AM truly dominates, out-delivering its nearest competitor by 191% in rating and 186% in share. In fact, if you combine the ratings of the Today Show with 9NEWS on Channel 20, the Networks of 9NEWS are the choice of 46% of all news viewers in the 7AM to 9AM time period.

6 AM (M-F P25-54)

KUSA 9NEWS - 3.2/27.5
KMGH - 1.1/9.6
KDVR - 1.1/9.4
KWGN - 0.8/6.9
KCNC - 0.6/5.3

9NEWS is equally dominant in weekend mornings. The Saturday morning newscast on 9NEWS commands a full 60% of the total market share for viewers watching news during the same time period and eclipses the ratings of its nearest competitor by 118% and share by 133%.

7-9 AM (SA P25-54)

KUSA 9NEWS - 2.4/19.6
KMGH - 1.1/8.4
KCNC (7-7:30AM) - 0.5/4.8

In the noon news race, 9NEWS easily beats the only other competitor in the same time period by 125% in rating and 118% in share.

Noon (M-F P25-54)

KUSA 9NEWS - 0.9/8.5
KCNC - 0.4/3.9

A major success for 9NEWS is the growing dominance of our evening newscasts. There is little doubt the disappearance of Oprah has changed the ratings landscape and viewing habits in Colorado. Starting with the long-time partnership of Mark Koebrich and Kim Christiansen together with Kirk Montgomery on Four o'clock at 9NEWS, and continuing through the 5PM news, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams and on into the 6PM news, 9NEWS is the #1 choice of evening news viewers, growing audience share year-to-year in each of those respective time periods.

The years of dominance by Four o'clock at 9NEWS has left it the sole provider of news for Coloradans in the time period, growing 14% in rating and 39% in share between November 2010 and November 2011.

4 PM (M-F P25-54)

KUSA 9NEWS - 1.6/11.3

9NEWS at 5PM with Mark Koebrich and Adele Arakawa claimed 47% of the ratings of all stations doing news in the time period, out-delivering its nearest competitor by 133% in rating and 119% in share.

5 PM (M-F P25-54)

KUSA 9NEWS -2.1/11.4
KMGH -0.9/5.2
KCNC - 0.8/4.6
KDVR - 0.7/4.1

In the network news race at 5:30PM, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams continued its tradition of success, growing 6% in share year-to-year, claiming 51% of network news viewers in the time period, and eclipsing the combined totals of ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer and the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. Nightly News beats World News Tonight by a margin of 69% in rating and 75% in share.

Evening Network News (M-F P25-54)

KUSA 9NEWS (NBC Nightly News) - 2.2/10.5
KMGH (ABC World News Tonight) - 1.3/6.0
KCNC (CBS Evening News) - 0.8/3.9

At 6PM, 9NEWS bested our only other news competitor by 150% in rating and 161% in share, claiming 71% of news viewers for the time period.

6 PM (M-F P25-54)

KUSA 9NEWS - 2.5/10.2
KCNC - 1.0/3.9

From broadcast to broadband, 9NEWS also proved it is a destination for online and mobile users. According to online marketing and web analytics company, Omniture, 9NEWS.com received 28 million page views, an 8% increase from the election year of 2010. Users of the 9NEWS mobile platforms registered another five million page views.

9NEWS President and General Manager Mark Cornetta said, "The November ratings sweep was a great success, especially when you consider all of the choices that our viewers have. When you look at the competition for news and information, it goes way beyond the other television broadcasters and you can see that reflected in the numbers of page views on our website and mobile platforms and apps. I want to thank our viewers and online and mobile users for making 9NEWS their number one choice for news and information, everywhere."

All broadcast data contained in this release reference final Denver Nov11 Nielsen Live Same Day P25-54 ratings.

This article was originally published on December 1, 2011.


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