Obama issues 'executive orders by another name'

KUSA - President Obama's decision to reopen diplomatic relations with Cuba marks his second major political move in the last month that featured the lame duck democrat bypassing Congress.

According to 9News Political Analyst Floyd Ciruli, Americans can expect that to remain the case throughout the president's final years in office.

"As you know, the public is concerned about the level of executive action," said Floyd Ciruli, 9News political analyst. " One place where the president, however, is asserting himself, and of course you can in foreign policy, is through executive action."

In regards to those executive actions, the president's total is still less than his previous 11 predecessors. More often, however, he has tended to use a form of executive power called "Presidential Memorandums," which have essentially the same effect as executive actions.

When the two are combined, it means the president has used his executive power to bypass congress more times than any president since Jimmy Carter.

"You cannot get out from under a embargo without congressional action. You can't fund an embassy without congressional action," Ciruli said. "So congress will be involved, but I think the president does have authority to try and reopen diplomatic relations."

Some Cuban-American lawmakers from both parties blasted the president's move, including senators Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Robert Menendez (D-NJ), calling it reward for the Cuban government.

It's a government that made it hard for Aurora's Pablo Alvarez and Magdalena Chorens.

" I was an industrial engineer and my salary was about $6 a month," Alvarez said. "There's no way to live with this kind of money. We came to here to get a better life."

They applauded the president's executive decision, calling it "wonderful."

And it's those same types of decisions that Ciruli believes Obama will continue to push forward for his legacy as he tries to finish his term through a Republican-controlled Congress.

"Fundamentally, what I think he's looking for is that ever so often, he's going to do something to make sure that you know that he's in this game. because he suspects very little is going to get through congress," Ciruli said.


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