Truth Test: More pipeline-pushing in Senate race

KUSA-- Groups with secret donors are working to make the Keystone XL pipeline an issue in the Colorado Senate race.

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Keystone XL came up as an issue in another ad that 9NEWS put through aTruth Test recently.

This latest ad focuses entirely on Keystone XL and the jobs the project would create.

CLAIM: Udall puts "Washington's special interests" above "our interests."


Here we go again with this rhetoric, which we've pointed out when groups on both sides have used it before.

This ad cries foul over the very same tactics it is using.

The American Energy Alliance is a special interest 501 (c)(4) group that doesn't disclose its donors.

CLAIM: The Keystone Pipeline will create thousands of high-paying jobs.


The first thing to point out is that the thousands of jobs are in construction and supporting roles.

Those jobs go away once the pipeline is finished.

The State Department estimates the project will create 21,050 jobs that will end after two years.

The average pay using their study would be about $48,694 a year, which is higher pay than the typical construction worker earns, a mean annual wage of $35,020 reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As for jobs to run the pipeline when it's completed, we showed you in a recent Truth Test there would be only 50.

CLAIM: Two-thirds of Coloradans say build it. Democrats, Republicans, labor, and business have come together to support it (several groups and individuals are shown on screen.)


The people and groups the ad shows on screen have all been on record for the project at some point. These include Bill Clinton, John Boehner, Ken Salazar, and labor group LiUNA.

As for the poll showing Coloradans support it by a two-thirds margin, that was a survey commissioned by this group.

The result is consistent with other polls showing even more support nationally for Keystone XL.

CLAIM: Udall is siding with Washington lobbyists and special interests to kill [Keystone XL]


The group behind the ad can point to a vote against the pipeline in Congress. Udall voted against a plan to authorize the project.

However, Udall also voted against anamendment by Democrats to force a deeper review of the project, reviewssome Republicans saidcould have killed the pipeline.

Udall's campaign told us that the Senator is undecided on Keystone while it's under review for approval and that he thinks Congress shouldn't try to force the decision before that review either way.


If you're looking for a Keystone pipeline champion, Udall isn't it. If you're looking for someone dead set against it, he doesn't appear to be that either.


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