Sochi stray makes it home to Denver

DENVER – From the streets of an Olympic city to the parks of Denver, a stray dog from Russia has finally made it home.

Named for the Olympic stadium in Sochi, "Fisht" and her new owner, Neil Dreher, arrived home Tuesday night.

Dreher had been working for a company assigned to operate the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2014 games. Fisht was one of the stray dogs who would come say hello to Dreher and his coworkers.

Fisht was also trying to take care of her three puppies at the time, and Dreher knew he wanted to help her. He arranged veterinarian care, boarding, and eventually got the paperwork completed to secure passage for Fisht home to Colorado.

"She seems to be adapting really well. She's happy. She was playful this morning. She slept all night, half the night on the floor, then she climbed on the bed and cuddled up. It's great to be here and know she's safe and healthy," Dreher said.

Using an online funding website, Dreher was able to raise enough money to bring Fisht home, as well as some extra funds which were donated to other organizations saving Sochi dogs.

Dreher still hasn't decided if he will teach Fisht using Russian or English commands.


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