Biennial panel talk: New leadership for a new world

DENVER - Millennials, the digital shift in media, and the impact of social media were the primary topics discussed Wednesdayduring expert-panel conversations at the Biennial of the Americas Festival in Denver.

The festival unities artists, leaders, and professionals from different countries right here in Denver to discuss powerful ideas and concepts.

The first of a series of symposiums and expert panels hosted by the Biennial took place Tuesday night at the Elle Caulkins Opera House. The conversation centered around the concept of new leadership in today's world. A dialect was held between business leaders from Venezuela and the former president of Chile.

Two Colorado trailblazers in business and technology, Bryan Leach and Jim McKelvey, were also part of Tuesday'sconversation. Leach was the recipient of this year's Entrepreneur of the Year award in consumer technology. McKelvey created a non-profit, Launchcode, that places candidates in jobs.

McKelvy said that in order to have a thriving economy, troubled areas such as unemployment need to be addressed. This is something his organization has found much success in making a reality.

Adriana Cisneros, the vice president and CEO of the privately held media company, shared her experience managing a team that consists mainly of millennials.

"Its a really neat time to be a Hispanic millennial in the United States, and we're not only going to change the way that media thinks about media, advertisers think about advertising or healthcare thinks about healthcare," she said during the symposium. "Millennials really care about health care and that is really interesting. We are also going to determine who the next president of the United States is going to be, and that's powerful."

Leach brought the conversation to a close with a simple yet profound answer to the final question: how to find happiness.

Leach responded that it's a mix of having a strong life partner in addition to dedicating your life to a passion. Even when the chances of success seem slim, the passion will create a drive and open a world of possibility. A former well-established lawyer, Leach decided to change his profession to technology. It's a passion he has always held since the beginning, and he says it has propelled him to happiness.

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