State Patrol campaigns for 50 shades of what?

KUSA – You may have noticed a new hashtag on Twitter, and it's not quite what you think.

The Colorado State Patrol has taken the opportunity to remind drivers of "50 Shades of Safety", a play on the trending "50 Shades of Grey," the bestselling book that's movie trailer came out last Thursday.

Remember all those little things you learned in driver's education classes about safe following distance and turn signals? Yeah, we forgot some of them, too.

The Colorado State Patrol has your back.

"It's a way to remind people of little things every day they forget about, but we see all the time," Trooper Nate Reid with the Colorado State Patrol said.

Here's the full list, in case you wanted to catch up:

#50- Never throw a cigarette out the window. You'll get to meet a judge if you do, and that's the least that could happen.

#49- Turn your wheels into the curb when parking, especially on a hill. Parking brakes are also advised.

#48- While towing you cannot have more than 4 units (power unit plus three trailers) or be more than 70 feet long, total.

#47- Wearing headphones is not allowed while driving.

#46- Even slow speed crashes can have lasting impacts. Financially and physically. Be alert.

#45- Right turn, on red, after stop. This means you still need to yield and wait until it's clear and safe to go.

#44- If you're going slower than the speed limit, stay to in the right lanes so others can pass on the left.

#43- Clear snow from your vehicle before driving. It can slide onto your windshield causing the driver zero visibility.

#42- Please remember when you are driving and the phone rings, you do have voice mail, it can wait.

#41- Lights need to be illuminated between sunset and sunrise times. Before and after is acceptable, too.

#40- Do not change lanes in or within 100 feet of an intersection.

#39- Don't let man's best friend become a distraction or hindrance. Make sure animals are properly restrained.

#38- Do not stop in an intersection or on a crosswalk.

#37- Flaggers and police directing traffic have precedent over signals and markings. Follow their orders.

#36- If someone forgets to turn off their high-beams, turning yours on only creates two blind people driving. Don't flash.

#35- After you completed your turn or changed lanes, make sure your turn signal is fully off. It's annoying and dangerous.

#34-"Wildlife crossing" signs are there for a reason. Keep an extra watchful eye out for animals.

#33- Stop signs and stop lights are not optional. Full and complete stops are required.

#32- U-turns are tricky enough; do not do them on hills, intersections or curves.

#31- When passing, especially on two-lane roadways, ALWAYS be certain you have sufficient time and distance.

#30- If you crash be very careful stepping out of your vehicle. Traffic might not realize there are people around.

#29- Black ice is not really black. It should be called Invisible Ice. Slow down when it the road shines.

#28- Slow down. It will do more than just save gas.

#27- Pump your brakes, especially on cold days, to make sure they are going to work.

#26- If you crash, anything (including people and animals) becomes a projectile. Secure everything.

#25- Cars can support 1.5 times their weight on their roof, but ONLY with an intact windshield. If it's broke, fix it.

#24- Blind spots are called that for a reason. Check yours, and don't ride in other people's spots.

#23- Seriously. Use your seat belt.

#22- Properly inflated tires aren't just safety issues, they can also improve gas mileage. Check them often.

#21-There is an "I" in impairment. It was your choice and your team knows it. Give the keys to them and save a life.

#20- Can you really focus on two things at once? Put the phone down and try driving solo like we used to do.

#19- Have an emergency kit, just in case.

#18- 4-Wheel Drive does not equal 4-Wheel Stop.

#17- Plan your route ahead of time. Check to make sure it is clear, or if you need more time.

#16- No text is worth a life. It can wait.

#15- Stay awake. Pull off roadways completely if you need to rest.

#14- Move over. It's the law for emergency & maintenance vehicles, common courtesy for other drivers.

#13- Speed limits are for dry, clear roads. Slow down if roads are anything different.

#12- Don't drive faster than your headlamps can see.

#11- Make sure your wipers work properly.

10- "Hands-free" is not "distraction-free"

#09- Program your GPS BEFORE starting to drive.

#08- Ensure child restraint systems are installed properly.

#07- Make sure passengers are good co-pilots.

#06- Put the phone down! Need we say anything more?

#05- Use Turn Signals. Every time. It's not just polite, it's law.

#04- Stop tailgating; following too close is not only annoying, it is dangerous.

#03- Slow down; speed is still the leading cause of crashes in CO.

#2- Drive Sober. No excuses.

#01- Buckle up!

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