Someone stole the Pitkin Sheriff's bike (because he didn't lock it up)

He has advice for anyone who's got property they don't want stolen. We just can't reprint it here.

ASPEN - The bike, a gift from former professional cyclist Lance Armstrong, was stolen from the sheriff's front porch where it had been sitting, unlocked, for a few hours. 

The rather distinctive bicycle had been at the shop for a tune-up, and the mechanic dropped it off at the sheriff's front porch when it was all done. 

A few hours later, Sheriff Joe DiSalvo's wife, Marcy, came home. She realized the bike wasn't there and called the shop. 

Since the shop said they'd dropped it off earlier that afternoon, Marcy realized someone had stolen it. 

It's no ordinary bike, either.

Painted with the yellow that is now-synonymous with Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong fund, it's a relic from a special fundraising ride called the Tour of Hope.

The former professional cyclist had gifted it to Marcy several years ago, after she expressed an interest in road biking.

"We’re both bummed," Sheriff DiSalvo said over the phone to 9NEWS. "I kind of feel like I lost something that I'm never going to get back. It really is one of a kind."

Although the sheriff's old mountain bike is currently sitting on the porch because it's 'not worth taking,' this is likely a bike any law enforcement officer would recommend a resident keep safely inside.

The irony is not lost on the sheriff, who said through a wry chuckle, "You should lock your sh** up."

Joking aside, the sheriff is serious about not prosecuting anyone who may know where the bike is or can return it safely.

"I'm not interested in punishment, I'm interested in getting the bike back," he said. 

Whoever snatched the bike would have had to climb over the fence surrounding the DiSalvo's yard, and get onto the porch to take it. 

Regardless, the bike was a 'generous gift' the sheriff hopes to return to his wife.

"Say what you will about Lance Armstrong, but he’s my friend and we love each other. I’m just sorry someone [took] this opportunity," he said.

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