This Reddit thread about Denver breweries is everything

KUSA - Have you ever seen a person in a Colorado brewery wearing flannel? Be honest.

What about cornhole? Or dogs? Or a guy with a manbun playing acoustic guitar? Or a menu listing that somehow incorporates wood? Or a food truck?

If you’re reading this and don’t get the joke, then this article is not for you. You should go get a delicious beer, though! Colorado has some of the best in the country.

But if you do get the joke, read this Reddit thread – it perfectly encapsulates Colorado breweries (note: it’s meant to be funny, and clearly not insulting to the craft brewing community).

Here’s how it starts:

And with this joke, the rest kept coming! 
Yes, good sir. That is asking too much. 
Subarus are good vehicles for Colorado ... 
What do you want, a craft brewery that looks like a Chili's? 

Read everything here:

And if you just love beer, there’s a list of Colorado breweries here:

Even Target sells flannel now, so if you need some, you can track it down. 

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