Streaker shown in the buff on school paper's front page

4:41 PM, Nov 8, 2011   |    comments
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ECU students are looking for words to describe what they're seeing on the front page of Tuesday's school paper. Twenty-one-year old John Sieglinger in the buff at Saturday's game. Completely unedited and showing full-frontal nudity.

"It's pretty in your face," Lauren Morgan, an ECU student said. "Especially on this picture right here. When I looked at it, I was like, 'They actually showed it, wow.'"

There's a much larger streaker photo inside the paper, though Sieglinger's privates are censored by a black box and a vulgar quote. Morgan says the photos are amusing, though she could do without. Senior Graham Georges agrees.

"I don't particularly want to look at that," Georges said. "You can censored it out and i know what's underneath it, i don't need to see it. so, i'm not impressed."

Neither are school officials. Virginia Hardy, vice chancellor for student affairs, said in a statement: "The decision by the East Carolinian to publish a photo of a streaker that showed full-frontal nudity was in very poor taste. The leadership at East Carolina University does not agree with that decision and does not support it."

But, Hardy points out, the paper is an independent, student-run paper and ultimately the decision on what to print rests with the student journalists. 

The paper released this statement Tuesday afternoon:

"The photos regarding the streaker in the Nov. 8 edition of the East Carolinian were purposely published. The news editor, managing editor and myself made the collaborative decision to publish the unedited photos. This decision was made because we felt that our audience, which is primarily the ECU student body, should have access to unedited and factual photos of the streaking incident at last Saturday's ECU football game. While the photos may be seen as offensive to some, the photos were not meant to be seen as sexually suggestive or insulting, but instead an accurate account of Saturday's events."

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