Training for the Colfax Marathon without running

8:02 AM, Feb 11, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - OK, kind of a misleading headline but I am training for the Colfax Marathon without running right now. My hope is to get my miles going in late February. The reason I'm not able to run? Stupidity.

I was so proud of myself in 2012: I trained and ran the Boston Marathon injury free. I trained and completed an Olympic and half-Ironman distance triathlon without issues. Then I got greedy. While training for a December marathon, I allowed a slight annoyance in my shin to become the most excruciating pain I've experienced. I'd never had a shin splint in my life. I ignored the warning signs and I'm pretty sure it became a stress fracture during an 8-mile run in early November. The pain literally stopped me in my tracks during the run. Here I am three months later and can barely string together a full mile of easy jogging. Thankfully I've been able to walk, snowshoe and use the elliptical the last six weeks.

So, how does one train for 26.2 miles without running? I have a plan from Runner's Edge of the Rockies and have been substituting other modes of aerobic training for my running days, I've also been working on strength and flexibility as well as taking days off (VERY difficult for me). Hopefully all this equates to an overall stronger well being.

As a Colfax Marathon Ambassador, I'm going to share my workouts. Maybe you're in the same boat and need some other ideas or encouragement. It's frustrating to be injured. Maybe you want to run but haven't started training. Take baby steps, you can get there just like I will.


I also did a lot of icing, some ART, acupuncture and massage for my shin. Its light years ahead of where I was on Nov. 4, but still not 100 percent.

I'll keep you posted each week from here to the marathon (or maybe half marathon at this point). Good luck with your goals and hope you will join me at Colfax!

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