Star of Columbine viral video flips for soccer, scooters

Dylan Prichett-Ettner talks viral goal

LITTLETON - More than 3.8 million people have seen -- then wondered -- how Columbine soccer's Dylan Prichett-Ettner pulled off his miraculous flip goal. We couldn't figure it out either, so we went right to the source.

"The keeper got there a little bit before me, and I tried not to hurt him and went for the front flip, I guess," he said. 

You guess?!?! Most of us in that situation would cower into the fetal position, or maybe end up injurying ourselves. It was a spur of the minute decision, sure. And not even Prichett-Ettner knows quite how he did it.

"I don't know who this guy is [in the video], but he kind of looks like me," he said of watching it back.

Even though Pritchett-Ettner didn't know he was going to flip on that play, pulling the stunt off has been on his mind for some time.

"I've been wanting to do that for awhile, a couple of years. I've always been like, 'I just want to do a front flip or back flip over someone and see how it goes.' At that moment, I think I was going faster than I should've been, and it just came out perfect, I guess."

Perfect would be an understatement, and there's proof. The video of Prichett-Ettner's flip went viral. Millions of people around the world have now seen his miraculous offside goal. As of this week, the tally stood at more than 3.8 million Facebook views, 36,000 shares and 26,000 'Likes.' You may have watched it on ESPN or the TODAY Show on NBC. It's also spread to Great Britain, Spain and Ireland, among other countries. If you thought it looked natural, it's because it kind of was.

"He's used to flipping and spinning, so I assume that kind of comes second nature to him," Columbine soccer coach Zach Martin said.

Prichett-Ettner has been riding scooters for the past seven years. "Scootering," as it's called, has become more mainstream in the past decade.

"A few years ago, nobody knew what scootering was. It was frowned upon," Prichett-Ettner said. "If you went to a skate park, nobody liked you."

The extreme sport requires guts, athleticism and balance -- the latter, Prichett-Ettner says, is what helped him land his soccer flip. He's now working to grow the sport to a wider audience, while also trying to manage his new found fame.

"Several people come up to me, like, 'You're Dylan. You're the kid that did that flip. That's incredible,'" Prichett-Ettner said of some of the comments he's received in the past week.

"[I tell him to] soak it up, stay humble, but enjoy it, because it's his moment and people appreciate it," Martin said.

As for the controversial offside call that made Prichett-Ettner's goal no good, Martin says it's not something the team will dwell on.

"I preach to the kids all the time, you can't control the calls, and when they're called, you just play on," he said.

What he will let them discuss, however, is that flip. And now that we know he can do it, we'll be keeping our eye out for what's next.

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