Brandon Marshall went as Von Miller for Halloween and it's everything

If you haven't made the perfect Halloween costume quite yet, you better up your game.

KUSA - If you haven’t made the perfect Halloween costume quite yet, you better up your game.

Brandon Marshall’s Von Miller costume is beautifully spot-on – so spot-on that his use of #besthalloweencostume was absolutely warranted. 

He posted a photo of the costume on Instagram. Continue reading for a deeper analysis.


What y’all think? Did i nail it? #besthalloweencostume 🤓🤠 @vonmiller

A post shared by Brandon Marshall (@bmarshh54) on

Can’t see the photo? That’s seriously unfortunate. Click here:

The hat

It’s not secret that Von Miller favors a large cowboy hat. Here’s Von at the Denver Broncos Super Bowl victory celebration wearing similar head wear.

Here he is on another occasion, also wearing a large cowboy hat.

The glasses

When he’s not giving Cam Newton nightmares, Von Miller is using a portion of his six year, $114.5 million contract with the Denver Broncos to buy glasses (for the record, they’re not just for show ... he says he’s just a true geek). 

Here he is wearing a cowboy hat and glasses. 


I'm on a different mission, I just happen to play football. Set your own patterns and ideals.. 🤠

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The props

Let’s get this out of the way: Brandon Marshall holding a VHS that says “sex tape” on it is not the worst thing on the internet –let’s be real, it’s by far not the worst thing you’ll see on the internet today.  

So moving on …

Broncos fans and casual news consumers probably know why Brandon Marshall holding this is pretty hilarious (maybe not for Von Miller). If you don’t, click here: (don't worry: this is not a link to the video in question). 

As for the Old Spice bottle, Von has an endorsement deal with them. The commercials sure are something. 

Can’t see a strange situation involving Von Miller and Old Spice but want to because you don’t mind watching commercials on the internet for fun? Click here:

The dancing in a club

Von Miller’s entire Snapchat account is basically him dancing just like Brandon Marshall is. You can see the video if you click on the arrow on this Instagram post. 

Be warned: There’s some questionable language in the song featured in the video. Don’t click on it if that offends you/you’re at work without headphones. 

This isn't a video of Von Miller dancing in a club ... but this is him dancing with the stars, with his basically the same thing. 

Can't see this YouTube video of Von Millerengaging in contemporary dance? Click here:

The shoes


Ok, the shoes might be the only flaw to this otherwise perfect costume. Von Miller’s shoe game is, frankly, better than this. 


Pre Game Cleats.. @adidasfballus #adidas #freak

A post shared by Von Miller (@vonmiller) on

These shoes are worth clicking on if you can’t see them above. Do not click, however, if Michael Jackson’s music offends you:


A post shared by Von Miller (@vonmiller) on

These shoes are also worth clicking on, though if spiky pink shoes with lime green laces offend you, you might actually be happy the embed didn’t show up:

So, in conclusion, Brandon Marshall, keep winning.

Von Miller, keep doing you.

And the rest of you: if you have an epic Halloween costume, show it to us by uploading it to

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