Broncos superfan shows off amazing John Elway tattoo

WESTMINSTER - As if Bronco fans needed any encouragement, Denver mayor Michael Hancock asked Coloradans to wear orange Friday. But for some fans, every day is "wear orange" day.

Cara Alire considers herself a superfan. 

And she has been for some time.

She grew up watching the games with her family and was addicted very quickly.

"My most vivid memory was when we lost. I was six-years-old when we lost to San Francisco 55-10 in the Super Bowl. And I just remember bawling... I just remember being like 'this is horrible' and just being heartbroken, devestated, crying my eyes out because we lost so bad. That was definitely my first memory of heartbreak with the Broncos," she said.

And that level of dedication to her team hasn't faded since.

"I had a friend that went to the Super Bowl when we lost to Seattle and I had a towel from a game that I made him take with him so that it would have Super Bowl sweat on it," she laughed.

So, a few years ago, Cara decided just wearing her jersey on game days wasn't enough to show her true Broncos pride. She went with something a little more permanent: a tattoo of John Elway on her arm.

"I was twelve when he won the first Super Bowl, I grew up watching him play. I've always been a Broncos fan. It's pretty much in my blood."

Although the art is very impressive, Cara said it isn't completely finished yet.

"My main goal now is to track him down and get him to sign it," she said.

Her tattoo gets a lot of attention. 

She said people often come into the National Western Stock Show bar she works at, saying they heard about her tattoo wanting to see it.

"People usually think I'm crazy... because it's so exaggerated and because it's a person's face on me," she explained.

Since the tattoo, she has continued to show her Broncos pride with body art.

Last year, Cara had Broncos symbols shaved into her hair.

"One of my best friends since I was two-years-old was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a super aggressive cancer. And she was starting to lose her hair, so I went out and shaved my head with her. And her mom really jacked my hair up when she did it. So I went to my barber the next day and had him shave the Broncos symbol into the back," she explained.

Cara said she is pretty confident going into the game this weekend. 

And, if the team goes all the way, she'll commemorate the achievement with - what else - another Broncos tattoo.

"I've got a spot for Peyton if he wins the Super Bowl this year."

Are you a superfan too? Tell us your Bronco fan story.

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