Total cost of Marshall's right to protest (and hit to helmet): $58,609

ENGLEWOOD—Let’s add up the damage Brandon Marshall absorbed to his bank account this week.

He first lost two endorsements. CenturyLink was supposed to pay him $40,000 to use his name this year and Air Academy Federal Credit Union was to pay him $25,000.

Each company had already paid him half before they terminated his agreement in protest to his protest.

Marshall took a knee during the playing of the National Anthem prior to the Denver Broncos’ season-opening game as a way to bring awareness to the social injustice issues in this country, particularly the examples involving white policemen and African-American suspects.

The companies didn’t like the protest coming during the playing of the National Anthem and so losing half of his endorsement money cost Marshall $32,500.

Next, Marshall met Tuesday with Denver police chief Robert White to discuss the issues of law enforcement and its treatment of suspects. Afterwards, Marshall pledged $300 for every tackle he makes this season to social issue programs. He had six tackles in the Broncos’ season-opening win against Carolina, so that was good for $1,800.

Call that $1,800 an unforced payment.

Finally, Marshall on Wednesday was fined $24,309 by the NFL for his helmet to helmet hit on Carolina quarterback Cam Newton. Marshall is appealing that fine. And because all NFL fine revenue goes to supporting retired players’ programs, it’s tax deductible. But for now, he has to budget for that $24,309.
So Marshall’s invoice for the week:

  • Lost endorsements - $32,500
  • Tackle charity - $1,800
  • NFL fine - $24,309
  • Total bill - $58,609

Yes, Marshall has the right to express his opinion. But make no mistake his opinion has come at a cost. The price was especially steep when it came in the same week he made a tackle infraction.

“I’ve had money going everywhere,” Marshall said in front of his locker Friday. “It’s been going in every different direction. Hopefully, this next adjustment will be good.’’

Indeed, Marshall hopes to defray some of his financial losses through the one endorsement he has picked up through his take-a-knee position. He has a verbal agreement to endorse “RushCard,’’ a prepaid Visa card, although the deal has not yet been finalized.

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