Manning pulls hilarious one-liner with Tiger Woods

Peyton Manning has always had a system with his good friend Tiger Woods.

When he called out 'Tiger' at the line of scrimmage that meant the snap count was on one – in honor of his world golf ranking. If he instead called out 'Phil' it meant that they would go on two. Manning said in an interview with the Golf Channel that Woods really enjoyed this sentiment, but he couldn't pinpoint if it was because he was on top or that his fierce competitor Phil Mickelson was behind.

[Watch the entire conversation here.]

After Manning joined the Broncos, Woods asked the veteran quarterback what was the biggest difference between the offensive system in Denver and the one he left in Indianapolis. And being the ever-prankster that Manning is, he said he's still getting used to called '[Rory] McElroy' to go on one and 'Tiger' to snap the ball on two.

Tiger was certainly taken aback by the joke and Manning recalled that he responded, "I'm going to get that fixed."

To no surprise of Manning, Tiger soon worked his way back to the top of the rankings.


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