Marshall on kneel Game II: 'I'm not deterred by loss of endorsements'

DENVER - He did it again.

For the second consecutive game, Denver Broncos’ linebacker Brandon Marshall took a knee during the national anthem.

“Just to show that I’m not deterred by the loss of endorsements,’’ Marshall said. “Me losing endorsements and people can say what they want but it’s not going to make me change my message. It’s not going to make me feel anything differently about what the issue is. I wanted to send that message again. I’m not afraid of any penalty. I’m going to do what I believe.’’

As reported by 9NEWS on Friday, Marshall lost $32,500 in endorsement money after his contracts with CenturyLink and Air Academy Federal Credit Union were terminated. Marshall kneeled in protest of social injustice issues in this country, in particular the perceived mistreatment of law enforcement against suspects of color.

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The companies in turn dropped Marshall in protest of him using our country’s most patriotic song as his platform.

I asked Marshall, doesn’t he feel burdened by such a protest? After all, no other Bronco or Colt player took a knee during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner prior to the game Sunday.

“Ahhh … I don’t think so,’’ Marshall said after he carefully considered the question.

Do you think you’d feel a sense of relief if you decided to stop the protest and stand at attention during the Anthem?

“Maybe. Look, I think doing this, it’s not easy,’’ Marshall said. “It’s not easy by any stretch, mentally. Will it be a weight lifted? Maybe. Probably a little bit. But I’m happy with what I’m doing right now.’’

In a tense moment, for the introduction of their starting lineups, the Broncos decided to bring out their – gulp! – defensive starters.

As Marshall’s name was delivered over the public address system, he lifted his hands with palms up and motioned his fingers as if to say, ‘bring it on.’

It was difficult to gauge the fans’ reaction.

“I couldn’t tell,” Marshall said. “I asked Shaq (Barrett) and he said it was mixed boos and cheers. I couldn’t tell. I was listening though but I couldn’t tell.’’

What was he expecting?

“I was expecting all boos,’’ he said laughing.

Marshall was only credited with four tackles in the Broncos’ 34-20 win against the Colts. Then again at $300 a tackle, that’s $1,200 he’s donating to social issue programs. Through two games, Marshall has pledged $3,000 (10 tackles) to charity.

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