National Anthem brought divided views from Broncos sideline

KUSA - President Trump lashes out and suddenly we have half the Broncos kneeling, and the other half standing during the National Anthem.

That is not unity. And football teams are nothing without team before self.

“Obviously the comments didn’t sit well with our football team or the entire NFL but hopefully we can move past this and play football,’’ Broncos’ head coach Vance Joseph said. “Because politics and football don’t mix in my opinion. I’m a football coach, they’re football players and our job is to win football games. Hopefully we can get back to that this week.’’

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If it’s possible, put aside Trump’s comments last week. For the sake of good football, for the sake of the Broncos, somehow, some way, we’ve got to get back to where the Anthem doesn’t divide the people but brings everyone together.

“Everybody’s not going to kneel,’’ said Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, who was one of many who kneeled during the playing of the National Anthem on Sunday in Buffalo after he was the only Denver player to take a knee through the first half of last season. “I didn’t read all of (teammate Derek) Wolfe’s comments but what I saw of them, he’ll never kneel. You’ll never have everybody kneel. Everybody could stand.’’

So why not do that? For the game Sunday against the Raiders, why not have all the players stand and interlock arms?

“That means nothing,’’ Marshall said. “In my opinion, that means nothing if we all stand and lock arms. I mean I understand that’s showing unity. I just don’t see the point in that. Me personally.’’

Never mind. Joseph said he would meet with his players later in this week to see if everyone can do the same thing together for the Anthem. Good luck, coach.

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