Von Miller wants to be like DeMarcus Ware

KUSA - It seems like all of the new Broncos on the Denver Defense want to be like Von, Miller says he wants to be like one of the new Broncos. Von Miller wants to be like DeMarcus Ware.

"He's just one of those special guys," said Miller. "It's like DeMarcus already knows what I'm asking before I even ask it. I walk up to him and he's like a psychic. He already knows what I'm going to ask him when we start talking. He just explains it so well. He's a great teacher and it's different from any other relationship that I've had with anyone else. I've looked up to DeMarcus. I'm not afraid to say it: I want to be like DeMarcus Ware. He's had a consistent career. To have the guy in the locker room every single day and to be able to see him, it's a true blessing. It's crazy how things work out."

Peyton Manning was named a team captain before he had played a single regular season game for the Broncos, a scenario that could happen again with Ware, it seems everyone has been impressed with the former Dallas Cowboy.

"I've really appreciated going up against DeMarcus this whole OTAs," said Julius Thomas. "You're learning that you've got to bring your game to another level. And that just happens. Going up against somebody with his experience and his skill level, it's going to make you better. And he's also the kind of guy that communicates with you. He'll help me with certain things. You know, 'Julius, look to do this,' or 'Try not to do this so much.' I can't say enough about how much that's helped me so far and going forward how much it's going to continue to help me. He's a great player, and to come in and also be a leader, it just speaks to his character."

Wednesday was actually Von Millers first time in front of the media at Dove Valley, which also meant it was the first time for him to talk about what happened when he tore his ACL.

"I remember it clearly. We were in a 30-front, I had a tight end outside of me. What I should have done, I should have gone outside of the tight end because I knew he was going to chip me. It was just one of those plays where I stayed inside and was trying to work the tackle without giving up the inside, running all the way inside and keeping the outside contained. I still tried to stay firm outside and the tight end came out and he chipped me on my left side. I put my right leg down and my right leg just like buckled. It all happened so quickly. It didn't really hurt that day. I did all the stuff and it just felt funny. I came in the next day, got my MRI and it still didn't hurt. But when I got in the room with 'Greek' and 'Greek' told me I tore my ACL, I was like, 'Ah, my ACL is killing me.' It was just one of those things. It's just part of football. You just have to be able to overcome adverse situations."

Miller, like so many of the Broncos isn't back to 100% yet, but like the rest of the injured guys, he admits time away will motivate him even more.

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