Drew Soicher is the unconventional, unpredictable 9NEWS weekday evening Sports Anchor. He's best-known for a variety of wildly popular, unique segments including "Drew or False", "Drew's Clues, "Strange But Drew", "Drew Boo", "I Love Sports", "The Thought Bubble Machine", "Oh No He Didn't!" and "Bobblehead Theater". Soicher is also the host of "Nick's Picks", a segment featuring Nick the Sea Lion at the Denver Zoo, who predicts the outcome of Denver Broncos games with remarkable accuracy.

Sometimes, Drew even reports the sports news of the day.


Soicher enjoys hanging out at The Children's Hospital , Make-A-Wish Foundation , Special Olympics and Sports Made Possible . If the kids are on their best behavior, Drew will read his favorite pieces of hate mail aloud, including the particularly hurtful one where the viewer complains about one of the sportscaster's nostrils being abnormally large and another which focuses on an unflattering comparison to wieners and orangutans.

Drew married the former DeeAnna Hyatt in May of 1993. He was led to believe that she was the sole heiress to the multi-billion dollar Hyatt Hotel chain. Kind of like the Hyatt version of Paris Hilton .

Only cuter.

WAY cuter.

Unfortunately, shortly after the wedding, Drew instead learned that DeeAnna was in line to inherit the slightly less profitable Hyatt Leasing Company of Fresno, California.

By then, it was too late.

The Soichers have two sons, who have the identical first names as the Denver Broncos quarterbacks, although, if you do the math, they would have had to name the children after a high school quarterback in New Orleans and a kindergartner in Couer d'Alene, Idaho.  Their home includes a Bobblehead Doll Museum (not open to the public), retractable baseball batting cage and Rocky Balboa boxing shrine. They also own a beautiful Old English Sheepdog called Mighty Casey Mudville Soicher and two pet Betta fish named after the greatest Marvel Comics superheroes of all-time. Captain Amerifish and Fish Gordon reside in separate, air-filtered, half-gallon tanks within a quiet, poorly-lit, upstairs bathroom. Spideyfish, may he rest in peace, passed away in September of 2003 after a long battle with Bacterial Gill Disease.

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