"If Blue Ivy wants to be a doctor when she grows up, then they would figure how to buy a hospital," Knowles said in a British TV interview.

He added, "If she wants to be a basketball player I already own a WNBA team (he's an owner of the Chicago Sky team) so she can play there. And if she wants to be a singer then she would be very happy."

Blue Ivy is growing up fast, he says. Speaking to Capital FM, Knowles said, "Two days ago I was in New York and Beyonce and Blue Ivy came over, and I saw her three weeks ago and she's almost double the size," he said. "These kids grow so fast. I was singing a song that I used to sing to Beyonce and (her sister) Solange, and I sang that song to Blue Ivy and it almost brought tears to my eyes because I remember singing it to them when they were babies."