Teachers honor a 7-year-old students for saving his mother's life.


KUSA - A 7-year-old Bear Creek Elementary student was honored Thursday at his school for saving his mother's life.

Trenton Alvarez and his mother are both diabetic. On Thursday morning, after his dad left for work, Trenton found his mother unresponsive.

He immediately called his grandmother and aunt for help. While he waited for them to arrive he tested his mother's blood sugar.He also called firefighters and was able to give them the family's address even though they had just moved.

In an email, Trenton's mother said, "He saved my life today by getting help as fast as he did!"

Once she recovered she emailed Trenton's teacher about the incident to let them know about his heroic actions. Glenn Vecqueray, the assistant principal honored Trenton with a medal during class.

"What a hero this young 7-year old is," said his teacher, Tina Anderson, in an email. "We are so proud of him."

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