KUSA - America's toughest trainer is coming to town. Jillian Michaels will be at the Paramount Theater as part of a nationwide tour called "Maximize Your Life."

Michaels was our guest on 9NEWS 8 a.m.

She is promisingan evening of inspiration that "will forever motivate and change lives." Michaels plans to show how to harness your potential, kick-start your goals and live an exceptional life - sharing her keys to health, success and happiness. "No hype, no false promises: just results," she says.

"Your health is the platform that your entire life is built upon - from your physical health to your confidence and self-worth, I will give you the skillset, tools and insights to transform any aspect of your life immediately so you realize your true potential, and create the future you've dreamed of and deserve,"according toMichaels.

Imagine. Believe. Achieve. These three words lay at the core of her message, which she says is designed for anyone who needs to reignite passion, define goals and live in"authentic truth." She says she will teach people how to redefine self-image, dramatically enhanceconfidence and self-worth and blast through all internal and external obstacles.

Michaels says people will leave with anaction plan that will empowerthem to "conquer any challenge and achieve every goal."The evening will cover thescience of shedding pounds, the impact of hormones on weight loss and how to bring them back into balance.

Shesays she will showthe how, what and why of workouts, sharing her most effective methods of burning fat and calories. "Most important,I'll teach you how to shift your attitude, behavior, and mindset to maximize your life," she said.

Michaels has become one of the world's leading health and wellness experts. She has appeared on 11 seasons of NBC's "The Biggest Loser" currentlyseen in more than 90 countries around the world. As a motivator and role model,Michaels has made a unique connection with her audience, one that stems from her own personal journey, including struggles with her own weight as a teen.

Michael's call to action: "It's time to ask why not you? When are you going to say 'Enough is enough,' and step into the limitless possibility for joy and abundance that your life does hold? If you are a person who feels your health could improve or there is any facet of your life where you feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled, the question is how can you not come to the show?" she said.

Learn more by visiting: www.jillianmichaels.com

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