9NEWS talked with a local Middle East expert about the threat. We asked Nader Hashemi, Asst. Professor of Middle East and Islamic politics at DU, whether he thought America will get into another war.

"Based on the statements from the Obama Administration, it certainly seems [possible]. The position that the Obama Administration is taking is largely in response to incredible domestic pressure from within the states from the Republican party and also from the Pro-Israel Lobby that the U.S. will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon," Hashemi said.

The Colorado Coalition Against Attacking Iran was out protesting in Boulder Saturday.

The group's organizer Tom Mayer agrees with Hashemi.

"We think an attack on Iran is likely to be close at hand. And if that happens it will be a disaster, an economic disaster, a political disaster and a moral disaster," says Mayer.

We also asked Hashemi if he thought the majority of Americans be in favor of getting another war so quickly.

"The sad reality is if you look at opinion polls today in the United States. They overwhelmingly suggest that if the United States or Israel attacks Iran that most Americans would support a military strike. That's very sad because of the consequences and the blowback effect not only on the price of oil but a new regional war that would result from an attack on Iran could be catastrophic. It seems to me the lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan war have not been learned," says Hashemi.

"We think the American people are tired of warfare. It's not a solution to the world's problems. It would very well increase gas prices and make the American dollar weak once again," says Mayer.

Also, many believe if Iran really wants to acquire a nuclear weapon they're going to do it either now or later.

"There's nothing the U.S. can do to prevent Iran from developing a weapon. Are we going to bomb Iran every two or three years to deal with this problem? I mean hypothetically speaking, even if you could erode all of Iran's nuclear program, you can't dismantle the knowledge, technology and motive and desire," says Hashemi.

Both Hashemi and Mayer agree that things aren't being thought through fully.

" I don't know if people are very well informed. They know little about what's going on," says Mayer.

"It's easy to get into war, it's easy to start a's very difficult to end it," says Hashemi.

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