Gabriel Trujillo died last month after he was rushed to the hospital on Valentine's Day. He was found unconscious at his grandmother's home.

His grandmother, Doris Becky Trujillo, 60, and roommate Lana Roberts, 48, face charges of child abuse resulting in death.

According to the police report from a detective for the Commerce City Police Department, investigators saw "many abrasions and bruises" on Gabriel Trujillo's body and "markings consistent with cigarette burns."

The boy also had a temperature of 89 degrees and was suffering with hypothermia and head injuries, according to the report.

Investigators also indicate in their report the boy may have been put outside in the cold as a form of punishment.

"Ms. Trujillo indicated that earlier that same day she had put [Gabriel] outside, naked, in the cold as a form of discipline," investigators wrote in their report.

Family members claim police and social services in Adams County didn't do enough to protect Trujillo from abuse.

9Wants to Know has found police and social services have visited Trujillo's home on in the past for child abuse complaints.

According to police records, a medical doctor examined Trujillo in January, but did not find any definite signs of child abuse.