In the lawsuit, Sheldon Chrysler accuses Martino of a "pattern of extreme and outrageous conduct" that he claims was a deliberate effort to cause him long-term emotional problems.

Martino was served with the lawsuit last Wednesday.

Martino is accused of leaving Chrysler a series of harassing and intimidating emails and phone calls. Chrysler states in the lawsuit that he and Martino had been friends for 20 years and Martino had knowledge of Chrysler's clinical depression and his fragile mental and emotional state.

In the blog post Martino says he does not "regret the emails" he sent Chrysler. He says "the story between Sheldon and me is about a friend (me) who tried to help someone (Sheldon) over a 30-year period and was ultimately "thrown under the bus."

Martino wrote in the post that he "lost it" when Chrysler called the Trustee in Martino's bankruptcy case.

"I could not believe that he could be so vindictive to someone that has helped him so much through the years. Once again, I wrote to him to tell him to stay out of my life and once again it was in very colorful language."

He says the emails were meant to be private.

Chrysler is asking for at least $15,000 in compensation for pain and suffering he suffered from the emails.

Martino addresses Chrysler's claim, "Well, Sheldon would have you believe that he deserves monetary damages for my opinions. That is a frightening thought. Can you imagine how many lawsuits there would be clogging the courts if Sheldon had his way?"

Martino told 9NEWS last week the allegations were not true and that as a public person he is "powerless" to stop lawsuits against him.