Faase's attorney told the court Monday morning that Faase must stay busy with work and volunteering. The attorney requested probation since Faase was reportedly diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

"I believe Faase will be successful on probation," Faase's attorney, Kelly Meilstrup,said.

After being sentenced to three years in the Department of Corrections, Faase told the court, "I am truly sorry. I can't fix the people I hurt by selling drugs. I've done a lot of work for a lot of organizations."

Large amounts of drugs were found in Faase's apartment when police raided it, as well as large amounts of money. The judge sentenced Faase to three years in prison and an additional three years on parole after his release.

"I don't want to be enabler," Faase said Monday. "That's not who I am. I'm sorry for wasting your time today."

Fritz - a man who claimed to be Faase's friend - says he had seen Sullivan at Faase's apartment complex at 1090 Clarkson Street in Denver many times.

"I knew exactly who he was. I knew he was a retired sheriff," Fritz said.

He says Willie Hadley, a man who says he traded meth for sex with Sullivan, was also at the apartment building frequently. Fritz says Hadley demanded the former sheriff pay for him to stay at a nearby hotel after Sullivan kicked Hadley out of the home he shared with his wife.