According to Shanae, the problem began as she was paying for the adapter, when a Radio Shack salesman told her about the five-cent bag tax in Montgomery County; a tax she says she had never heard of because she lives in Baltimore.

After going back and forth with the salesman for a few minutes about the bag tax, Shanae says she decided to just forget about the whole thing and get her money back for the adapter. That's when Shanae says the story took an extremely unusual and disturbing turn.

Because when the salesman gave her back her money, he also gave her a receipt for the refund, at the bottom of which he apparently typed in "ugly itch, ghettohood, usa, tattoville, Maryland."

Shanae says the salesman claims he was only kidding, but clearly she didn't, and doesn't, think it was funny.

"I was shocked more so than anything, and then I became angry," Shanae says.

Shanae is now in touch with Radio Shack's corporate office in hopes of getting the salesman fired. But even if that happens, she says her days of shopping at Radio Shack are over.

"I want nothing to do with Radio Shack ever again," Shanae insists.

Matt Jablow wrote this report.