For the past 10 years, Reebok has had the exclusive rights to NFL apparel. That deal ends on March 31.

Starting on April 1, Nike is taking over.

The owner of a local sports memorabilia store says that means soon, fans could be paying more for their NFL gear.

Bill Vizas, the owner of Bill's Collectibles in Denver, has moved most of his Manning items to the front of his store.

"We've been bombarded with calls the past two days," Vizas said.

Most of those customers want to get their hands on Manning's No. 18 Broncos jersey.

While Reebok T-shirts with Manning's name and number will be available in a few days at places like Bill's, getting a jersey won't be quite as easy.

If you buy a Manning jersey online, be forewarned, they may look a little different from what the players will be wearing this season.

Bill says Nike won't unveil the new Broncos jersey until late April. That means it will be May or later until fans can get their hands on the team's new Nike jersey.

While you wait patiently, it may be wise to start saving.

"Now that Nike took over, they popped the price a little. Jerseys that were $75 or $80 last year will be $95 or $100, and the jerseys that were $110 or $120, will be $130 or $140," Vizas said.

It's not just jerseys that could cost more.

"The prices of a lot of NFL branded merchandise will be going up just because of what they had to pay the NFL and the players association for licensing fees. The NFL is doing well in this economy still," Vizas said with a chuckle.