So far, however, this March hasn't turned out that way. In fact, as of Wednesday, Denver International Airport had only reported a trace of snow or .03 inches of water, putting us on track to break two more records before the month is over: Least Snowiest March and Driest March in Denver.

On average, Denver will see 10.7 inches of snowfall during the month of March. Our snowiest March came in 2003 when 35.2 inches fell, shattering a record previously set in 1944. The least snowiest March on record was back in 1883, when 0.3 inches of snow fell in the city. In fact, the top 5 least snowiest March's look like this:

  • 0.3" ... Set 1883
  • 0.4" ... Set 1911
  • 0.5" ... Set 1885
  • 1.1" ... Set 1887
  • 1.8" ... Set 2004

While we're currently on track to be the least snowiest March on record, it would only take a minor snowstorm to hit Denver to place us out of the top five

In 1908 was the year that brought us the driest March recorded in Denver, with 0.11 inches of water reported. That number measures rain and melted snow. The top five driest March's look like this:

  • 0.11" ... Set 1908
  • 0.14" ... Set 2004
  • 0.17" ... Set 2008
  • 0.18" ... Set 1982
  • 0.19" ... Set 1999

So far, 0.03 inches of water have been reported officially at DIA and while the Denver forecast is calling for rain Thursday, it's not expected to be much. The long term forecast does not look promising for the rest of March either. With just 10 days left in the month, we'll be keeping a eye on how close Denver comes to setting these two new records.

Unfortunately, fire danger has increased greatly across eastern Colorado thanks to those dry conditions. However Denver seems to be on track for seasonal snowfall, despite the lack of moisture. The months of December and February each brought 15 or more inches of snow to the metro area, and the snow total for the season so far, is 54.6 inches. On average 61.7 inches of snow falls in Denver from September through May.

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