No one can question his work ethic, his leadership skills and you definitely cannot question his marketability.

Very quickly, his football jersey became one of the league's top sellers.

While he struggled to complete passes on the football field he never had any difficulty filling the cash register.

"Millions and millions and millions, it truly was Tebomania," Darrin Duber-Smith, a professor of sports marketing at Metropolitan State College of Denver, said.

Duber-Smith says while Tebow was a marketing success in Denver, his potential in New York City, the nation's largest market is limitless.

"It is going to be mind blowing. It might go global," Duber-Smith said.

He says the determining factor for Tebow's marketability with the Jets will come down to two simple things: Tebow will have to play and not be a back-up quarterback and most importantly - he will have to win.

"Initially there is going to be a pretty big hit. Definitely it is going to be a nice thing, but I don't think it is going to be sustainable over time unless he plays and he needs to not only play, but he needs to be successful," Duber-Smith said.

Even though the trade is taking Tebow away from Denver, the demand for his jersey and memorabilia is still strong. At Bill's Sports Collectibles on South Broadway in Denver, the sales have been steady.

"People already called us and wanted his jersey in the last two days. Tebow is still pretty popular," Bill Vizas, owner of Bill's Sports Collectibles, said.

Given the competition among New York City sports teams for media attention, Tebow's popularity will give the Jets a needed boost. That boost may eventually be measured at the bank.

"The circus is coming to town and I think they really have invited the circus to town and overall that is going to be good for marketing. That is what we call buzz, word of mouth - so that is really what you are looking for in marketing," Duber-Smith said.