The property is about two miles south of Meyer Ranch Park which is between Highway 285 and Pleasant Park Road.

Fire crews started burning the area last Wednesday, March 21 when they burned a "doughnut ring" round the main planned burn area.

Thursday, fire crews conducted the prescribed burn which took most of the day.

It appear to have went smoothly, a source inside the Forest Service told 9Wants to Know.

Fire crews did routine checks on the burned area Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

On Monday afternoon, a Forest Service crew noticed embers from the prescribed-burn area blow across the contained line into a non-burned area. That's when they called for backup.

Deputy State Forester Joseph Duda says intense planning is done before every burn.

"We went through the extensive planning that was necessary. We looked at all of the conditions. For something to happen this long after the fact is highly unusual," he said.

Final determination of the fire will come from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

9NEWS Legal Analyst Scott Robinson says the state has governmental immunity from civil lawsuits filed in wildfire cases and therefore would not likely be held responsible.

"Governmental immunity precludes all cases against the state except for some narrowly defined conditions. Starting a controlled burn is not one of them," he said.

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