But they've never looked like that before.

"I'd say [they're] very hot," said one older gentleman, while gazing at the photos.

But all was not as it seemed. The heads on those swimsuit-clad bodies were local senior women who, thanks to photo airbrushing, had been transformed into bathing beauties.

"That's my wish," said Leslie Irish as she sat crocheting a blanket. "I want to get that skinny so I can look good in a swimming suit!"

Photographer Nikki Vigil created the eye-catching photos.

"One of the women came up to me and said 'You're a doctor... I can't believe you did that,'" she said.

The humorous photos were taken for the Denver Inner City Parish's new Senior Cookbook.

"It seems like doing a cookbook that would be The Senior Cookbook: The Swimsuit Edition would really sell copies," said Rev. Allyson Sawtell, with a smile.

Sawtell is an associate pastor and the director of the seniors program. She says while the cookbook may garner a good-natured laugh, the $5 price goes a long way to help local seniors.

"We feed folks four days a week, plus provide all other kinds of resources," she said.

Seniors like Leslie Irish, who contributed a macaroni and cheese recipe, got a makeover before their headshots were taken. She's already shown it off to her grandchildren... and lots of other people.

"They loved it," she said. "I've got it on my Facebook page!"

The cookbooks will go on sale in mid-April. To pre-order a copy, call the Denver Inner City Parish office at 303-629-0636 (x 230).