By all accounts, Sullivan had an illustrious career during his 18 years as Arapahoe County Sheriff. He was even once named national "Sheriff of the Year."

Sullivan's reputation will be forever tarnished by 12 minutes of video obtained by 9Wants to Know on Wednesday.

The undercover footage is of the Nov. 29, 2011 meth-for-sex sting operation that led to Sullivan's arrest.


The 69-year-old former sheriff took a plea deal Tuesday, apologizing to the court, his family and the community he once served.

The hidden camera, placed in the bedroom, caught everything.

Sullivan is seen asking an undercover informant to try on some underwear. Then Sullivan played pornography on a portable video player.

"This is what I think you'll enjoy. It's all really young guys," Sullivan said.

Sullivan starts undressing and even makes small talk with the second informant who walks into the room.

Minutes later, the video shows the drug exchange that gave deputies enough evidence to arrest Sullivan.

Sullivan tosses meth to the informant, saying "See what's in there."

Sullivan is heard describing how he only liked doing the drug with others.

When asked by the informant if he used the drug, Sullivan replied, "It's a social issue. Why smoke by yourself?"

Minutes later, deputies used a flash-bang grenade and are seen entering the bedroom.

"Careful, you got... a bad leg is here," Sullivan tells a deputy.

The deputy told Sullivan, "Hey bud, just lay on your stomach for me, arms out to the side. There you go."

Sullivan was eventually taken away in handcuffs.

9Wants to Know showed the video to 9NEWS Legal Analyst Scott Robinson.

"What's remarkable is how matter of fact it all is. It looks like just another day at the office. I guess that was Patrick Sullivan's 'new normal,' at least at that point. Everything was so casual. Didn't seem to be any recognition that they were in fact exchanging methamphetamine for sex," Robinson said.

On Tuesday, a judge sentenced Sullivan to 30 days in jail, two years probation, and a $1,100 fine.

Two other charges were dropped as part of the plea deal.

In court, Sullivan said he plans to seek forgiveness from those he has harmed. He'll be released from this jail that bears his name at the end of the month.

9NEWS has received numerous calls and emails from viewers asking if the former sheriff got special treatment. Robinson says Sullivan's punishment was more severe because of who he is.

"If this was anybody other than Pat Sullivan, just your average Harry or Harriett, they would have gotten probation. It would not have been a big deal. No one would have noticed it because it was a tiny amount of drugs and consensual sex," Robinson said.

Sullivan's punishment, in the end, may be his ruined reputation.

"Without question his family [members] are probably the greatest victims of all," Robinson said.