Cook is the founder of the Bitterroot Hope Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works to bring awareness to alternative medicines, specifically for terminal-cancer patients.

Cook's wife has been living with Stage 4 breast cancer for the last six years. She has been receiving chemotherapy during that time, and Cook wants other options.

"For the last two years, I have watched her dying," Cook said. "But not from the cancer, but from the chemotherapy they were giving her. Over the last six years, I have watched way too many people that we have met up in the oncology lab being given chemotherapy the same week that they die."

At the end of March Cook started his bike ride from his home in Stevensville, Mon. to Washington, DC, 2,300-miles away. His goal once he gets there is to meet with lawmakers and ultimately President Obama. He wants lawmakers to support further testing of these alternatives and ultimately make these options more mainstream.

"What we want to do is get it where there's a new law in America, where insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to any that offer equal or greater chance of success than what they are presently paying for," Cook said.

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