It's why we asked a pair of experts on the subject to take part in a taping for this week's YOUR SHOW. Misti Ruthven is the Director of Outreach and Access for College in Colorado. Katie Powell is the Financial Education Program Manager for CollegeInvest.

The average student loan debt recently topped $25,000. That's up 25 percent in just 10 years. A new report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that 3 in 10 student loans have past-due balances of 30 days or more.

"And you can't get rid of them by filing for bankruptcy," Katie Powell said. "When you default on a loan, the loan immediately becomes due in full."

What follows is a discussion about what parents and students should consider as they either enter into college or try to figure out how to pay off loans after college.

We asked questions from YOUR SHOW viewers like Connor Mong, Jolene Rheault, Katie Rowland and Sherry Sanders.

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