Cpl. Megan Leavey was assigned a combat dog, Rex, eight years ago. Now the two will enjoy retirement from the service together.

Rex ended his career in the Marines on Friday in San Diego.

Leavey and Rex spent their Marine careers together and two deployments to Iraq.

During one tour, the two were both injured. They were side by side as they tried to disarm an explosive.

"We were really lucky. [The explosive] was buried too deep. But, we were injured together. I was lucky he was attached to my flak jacket with a D-ring, so you know, we got tossed together. But, we both ended up being all right after awhile," Leavey said.

They are both doing well now.

Rex returned to the service and Leavey retired. She wanted to bring Rex home with her, but she had to wait five years to adopt him.

She now finally gets to take home her partner.

At 11-years-old, she's hoping Rex can enjoy the last of his dog years peacefully at home with her in New York.