Rachel Baiyee-Cady is a regular volunteer at the Somali Community Center of Colorado.

"They're either first generation from Somalia and their parents came over, and their parents don't know that much English," Baiyee-Cady said.

The George Washington High School senior is the co-president of the InternationalBaccalaureateBlack Organization. Through that role, she's brought more volunteers into the Somali Center.

"The fact that she was the organizer of getting other high school students here - that's not easy to do ... so I really appreciate her," former First Lady of Colorado Dottie Lamm, also a volunteer at the center, said.

Baiyee-Cady has been an avid volunteer for some time at places like the Ronald McDonald House, the Excel Institute, the Iliff Care Center and Sanborn Western Camps. The love for helping out stemmed from from her mother's rheumatoid-arthritis diagnoses. Watching her mom in pain and knowing there's no cure, she decided she wants to be a doctor and work with under-represented populations.

When asked what she sees in the children when she works with them, she had one specific description: hope.

"They have this hope in their eyes that helps them see 'Wow, somebody's here to help me catch-up and get back to where I was,' or even most of them are probably ahead by now," she said.

Baiyee-Cady hopes to continue tutoring into college where she wants to major in Biochemistry or Biology, hopefully at Creighton University.

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Alex Vitale contributed to this report.