So when one medical social worker, Joan Hart, set out to raise $5,000 for that fund recently, she actually beat her goal by raising $6,000.

But Hart did not stop with just raising money.

"I pledged, that if I could raise $5,000 I would shave my head," Hart said.

Saturday, on the patio at Beau Jo's Pizza in Southeast Denver, Hart kept her promise, having a stylist shave three years worth of beautiful black hair from her head.

"Mostly I wanted to bring attention to cancer patients," she said. "I really think it takes cancer patients so much courage to face their illness."

"She's a social worker who walks her talk," Linda Woltkamp, a colon cancer survivor who came to support Hart's efforts, said. "She's gorgeous."

Hart's hair will go to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program, which makes wigs for women fighting cancer.