The dogs arrived last week. The biggest group was 40 dogs that came in on a Frontier Airlines flight on Friday.

The shelter in the Bahamas is only able to adopt out less than 7 percent of its animals locally. Colorado rescue groups have a much better number.

Most dogs in the Bahamas are either strays or live their entire lives in a shelter. People in the Bahamas call stray dogs "potcakes," because people feed them the leftovers of what they've been cooking.

The airlift was paid for by Potcake Rescue of Grand Bahama.

The dogs will be available for adoption after they are evaluated by their new shelters. None are purebreds and all but two of them were strays. The two that were not strays were surrendered because their owner had no money.

The shelters that took them in are: The Colorado Animal Welfare League, Planet Pets, Valley Dog Rescue, Every Creature Counts, Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, and the Longmont Humane Society.