With warmer weather ahead, many of us are driving through cone zones, the question is: If no work is being done what are the rules?

Several people 9NEWS talked to didn't know the answer. Some said the rules, signs and fines still apply. Others said, if workers and equipment aren't around then the signs are not in effect.

"The signs are there for a reason. If there's a sign posted that says speed reduced, double fines than the rules apply. The rules apply as long as the sign is up. If work is not going on, then typically we will turn the signs down," Stacey Stegman, spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Transportation, said.

To test whether or not motorists driving in construction zones where workers and equipment weren't around obeyed the signs we sat for 10 minutes at the intersection of Platte River Drive and Mississippi Avenue. Despite the signs, motorists didn't slow down.

"I think it's much like a speed limit sign. Many people think the rules don't apply to them. They do," Stegman said. "We're conscious of it. We know construction is hard and that it's a pain and frustrating."

So why are signs and construction materials left up if there clearly isn't anything going on?

"Usually there's been a change. Lanes have been shifted, gravel isn't settled, lanes are uneven. Usually [the road] isn't in its final condition," Stegman said.

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