"With my dress, I'm really nervous about what people are going to think," said Regan Kerr, junior at George Washington High School.

Two years ago, Regan turned her small collection of pop tabs from the top of soda cans into an endeavor involving family and friends.

"I like collecting pop tabs for her," said Sara Sanford, Regan's friend. "I thought it was a pretty cool idea. I just thought it was one of those that would kind of peter out and wouldn't actually happen."

Regan was worried, too. The making of her pop tab dress took 5,114 pop tabs and five solid months of sewing.

"I have never made a dress," said Regan. "It didn't take a lot of skill. I mean, I was just moving the needle up and down."

Regan finished on Tuesday, just in time for prom Saturday night. Her younger sister Marlo was surprised Regan pulled it off.

"The way it reflects in the light, the way the color stands out with the silver, it's really impressive," said Marlo Kerr, sister.

The pop tabs proved to heavier than Regan expected, so she had to add straps to her initially strapless dress. Plus, she had to solve other issues that popped up.

"The zipper in the back became a problem because you have to sew around it and make sure you're not interfering with the zipper," said Regan. "The colored pop tabs became kind of interesting."

She is simply bubbly over the final product. And, if you were wondering if Regan developed a soda addiction, she says, no.

"Actually, everyone asks me that and I say they're not all mine," said Regan. "I didn't drink 5,000 sodas."